Deborah Langsam   Fiber Art

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JUDAICA: Close up view

Tikkun Olam: Repairing the World

According to one Jewish legend, creation began when divine light and energy were concentrated into vessels that weren’t strong enough to hold them. When the vessels shattered, shards of goodness scattered throughout the universe and allowed evil to filter into the world. According to tradition, acts of human kindness help to gather in the shards and eliminate the evil that plagues humankind. In this piece, bits of fabric represent the shards of goodness. They’ve been “re-paired” and joined together to form a new, whole fabric symbolizing hope that charity and loving deeds will quickly repair a broken world (tikk un olam).

Materials: commercial cotton; cotton batting; cotton, metallic, and polyester thread

Techniques: machine pieced and quilted. This piece features bits and scraps of mismatched fabrics destined for the trash.