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And the Study of Torah is Equal to Them All

Artist and Rabbi Me'irah Iliinsky created the original Judaic-inspired design featured here.

Details and close up view...

22" x 33" - NFS

Birds of a Feather

A hummingbird, scissor-tailed flycatcher, and Carolina chickadee are joined on this piece inspired by the paintings of North Carolina artist Brian Hibbard and commissioned by friends of the artist.

Details and close up view...

21" x 30.5" - sold
Starry Night

Three siblings commissioned this customized version of Van Gogh's Starry Night in honor of their parents' 50th wedding anniversary and 75th birthdays.

Details and close up view...

22" x 26" - sold
Double Wedding Rings:
Two Sisters' Chuppah

This gift, a two piece Jewish marriage canopy, was commissioned by grandparents for their two granddaughters.

Details and close up view...

36" x 72" - sold
A New Braid,
A New Life Chuppah

This Jewish marriage canopy was commissioned by a couple who were combining families at their upcoming wedding.

Details and close up view...

36" x 63" - sold
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